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CRM Bookkeeping & Consulting

It all started with a passion for helping folks.  Back in 2014, I was helping someone just like you navigate the murky waters of money matters.  They pointed out how good I was at explaining things, and a new company was born.  It was just that simple. 

My name is Crystal Mucci, and I founded CRM Bookkeeping & Consulting.  A long time ago, I noticed many small business owners were drowning in spreadsheets, overwhelmed by software, annoyed with too much advice, and struggling to understand it all. Some of these people needed help consistently, and others just needed help setting something up or someone to ask their questions to.  I could help, so I opened my company to help small business owners.

Crystal Mucci

Why We Do It?

Everyone has a story and I love hearing them, from why people started their businesses to how they pivoted during hard times and how they took the leap to end up where they are today.  It’s all exciting to be a part of.  I enjoy all aspects of business and helping other entrepreneurs understand how finances effect every business decision you make.